Liberals Outraged After Trump Expresses Concern for Nursing Home Patient Brutally Beaten on Video

President Donald Trump on Thursday helped bring national attention to a video of a 75-year-old nursing home patient being brutally beaten, and some liberals were mad about it. 

The graphic video, which emerged online earlier in the day, shows a  young man punching the elderly victim in the face dozens of times.
  • According to authorities, the attack took place last Friday at the Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit, Michigan, Fox 20 reported.
  • The suspected assailant was a 20-year-old patient at the same facility, they said. 

"Is this even possible to believe?" Trump tweeted. "Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?"

Many liberals on Twitter found reasons to be outraged by Trump's expression of concern. 

Some accused the president of racist "dog whistling" because the assailant in the video is black and the victim is white. 

Others were upset because they didn't get Trump's reference. 

Vox editor Aaron Ruper was among those who lashed out in confusion. 
Media Matters for America's Matthew Gertz suggested it was a scandal that Trump may have learned about the beating from, gasp, Fox News. 
A number of conservatives questioned the left's moral priorities. Pro-Trump actor James Woods singled out the Democrats in charge of Detroit and Michigan.
Others criticized the relative lack of media coverage of the attack, with some wondering aloud how the reaction would have differed if the races of the assailant and the victim were reversed. 
Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed the attack on his show on Thursday.
  • He noted Michigan nursing homes are locked down in response to the coronavirus outbreak, cutting off residents from loved ones on the outside. 
About the attacker: The Detriot police on Thursday credited the public with alterting them to video of the attack and said they had arrested the suspect.
  • They said the nursing home had not know about the incident prior to seeing the video. 
While the police did not name the alleged attacker, internet users quickly identified him as Jadon Hayden based on his social media profiles, which have since been taken down.

Some of Hayden's internet activity suggested that his violence may be motivated by anti-white racism.
  • A video Hayden reportedly shared online appears to show him punching an elderly white woman while she lies in bed. 
  • One video on what seemed to be Hayden's YouTube page appeared to show him ranting about black supremacy, saying: “The black race is the chosen race, the black race was supposed to rule the earth, but now … they have to go to the white man for everything and that’s not good."