Putin Seeks Reelection, Backed by Russian Parliament

On Wednesday, the Russian State Duma, also known as the lower house of parliament, voted in favor of several amendments to the constitution, one of which allows President Vladimir Putin to reset his presidential term, and be reelected in 2024.

Vladimir Putin, who has been in power as either prime minister or president for the past two decades, is required to step down as president in 2024. However, in addition to these amendments, Putin had previously unraveled a major government shake-up when a bill was passed that redistributed presidential powers over to parliament. With these recent courses of action, critics have reason to believe Putin plans to extend his stay in a position of power.

While these changes have yet to be approved by other parts of the legislative branch, there seems to be no major opposition for him to stay in office for another term, or possibly more.
Russian President Putin by U.S. Department of State is licensed under Flickr Creative Commons