Snopes Debunks Reports Claiming COVID-19 Has Killed Chuck Norris: 'Coronavirus Is Now in Quarantine'

Snopes recently addressed outrageous reports that coronavirus had taken the life of martial arts master Carlos Ray Norris, otherwise known as Chuck Norris. The claim: Readers of the fact-checking site began asking about social media rumors surrounding Norris’ supposed death at the hands of COVID-19 in May, Snopes reported on Monday.
  • While Norris’ talent agency did not respond to Snopes’ inquiry about his health, the 80-year-old star of “Walker, Texas Ranger” is “alive and well,” according to the site.
  • Norris, a cultural icon who sometimes pens columns for conservative media outlets, has been the subject of death hoaxes in the past.
  • In 2012 a particularly vicious hoax proliferated on Facebook, claiming the “Lone Wolf McQuade” actor had died and attempting to scam users into completing surveys.
The verdict: Snopes rated the claim that “Martial arts movie star Chuck Norris has died from the COVID-19 coronavirus disease” as “false.”

Chuck Norris facts: Norris’ transcendent accomplishments – New York Times bestselling author, six-time Professional Middleweight Karate champion, Airman First Class in the United States Air Force – have spurred the public to come up with slightly hyperbolic “facts” that pay tribute to his greatness. Social media users responded with such “facts” to the news that coronavirus had taken Norris down:
  • “Coronavirus has tested positive for Chuck Norris and is now in quarantine.”
  • “Covid self quarantined to stay free of Chuck Norris.”
  • “The coronavirus practices social distancing from Chuck Norris.”
  • “COVID is trying to create a vaccine against Chuck Norris.”
  • “Chuck Norris gave Coronavirus Chuck-20.”
  • “It’s a scientific fact Chuck Norris’ tears cure the coronavirus. Unfortunately, Chuck Norris doesn’t cry.”
Chuck Norris in "Invasion USA." by Chuck Norris is licensed under Instagram N/A