WATCH: Ilhan Omar's Daughter Calls American Soldiers 'Bitch' Child Killers

Rep. Ilhan Omar's daughter on Saturday defended a video she posted online in which she calls U.S. soldiers "the bitch" as well as imperialist child killers. 

Hirsi, a 17-year-old liberal activist, recently recorded the video on TikTok in response to another clip that appears to show a group U.S. service members joking around for the camera. 

  • One of the camo-clad young men shouts, "It's a bitch!"

Hirisi commented: "I know this is a joke, but the fact that these men are calling me a bitch when they're actively killing innocent children abroad and also furthering U.S. imperialism makes me think they're actually the bitch."

On Saturday, conservative activist C.J. Pearson shared Hirsi's video in a tweet.

  • "Where does she get these views from? I guess the apple doesn’t fall far!" he said.

Amid backlash, Hirsi quickly responded that her comments were a "joke" and suggested Pearson "doesn't understand satire" or "the definition of Imperialism." 

But she also repeated her criticism of the U.S. military without any hint of irony. 

  • "When America decides to end the endless wars, then maybe innocent children wouldn’t be dying," she said. 

In a follow-up tweet, Hirsi suggested that U.S. soldiers "openly disregard the innocent lives that are lost in these unjust wars.
  • "P.S. Imperialism kills," she added.
Hirsi also accused Pearson of having "mommy issues" and complained conservatives were harassing her even though she's only "a minor."

At one point, Hirsi and Pearson sparred over allegations that her mother married her brother so he could stay in the United States. 
Hirsi later deleted the video in question, but her social media accounts remained chock-full of other combative left-wing takes. 

U.S. Youth Climate Strike, an anti-capitalist student group that Hirsi leads, says on its website that it seeks to "end the cycle of US imperialism."

The apple doesn't fall far: Omar, a first-term Minnesotta Democrat, has expressed foreign policy views not dissimilar from her daughter's.

Citing her experience as a refugee from wartorn Somalia, Omar has urged U.S. withdrawal from all foreign conflicts and a reduction in funding for "perpetual war and military aggression."
  Also like her daughter, Omar has largely refused to apologize for advocating her agenda in ways that are offensive to many Americans. 
  • Two notable examples: Omar has defended describing the Sept. 11 attacks as "some people did something," and has repeatedly challenged U.S. support for Israel in anti-Semitic terms.
The congresswoman has not commented on her daughter's TikTok video.
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